Snow Doesn’t Stop Progress on the Norwalk River Valley Trail

The Wilton Public School calendar may be a casulty of recent winter weather, but not so for the Norwalk River Valley Trail (NRVT). Vermont-based Timber and Stone, LLC, led by Josh Ryan, has remained hard at work over the last month, and they have continued to make significant progress on the half-mile NRVT demonstration trail between Orem’s Diner and Raymond Ln.. Instead of down time, the weather mandated some flexibility; some days the first task at hand was plowing.


In walking the undulating trail with Ryan, it’s remarkable to observe its evolution. The trail is now excavated almost all the way to Raymond Ln., and surfacing is almost complete as well. Ryan and his team are now getting ready to lay down 155 feet of boardwalk, which will take the trail over the wetlands. Stakes marked with orange paint mark where the boardwalk will go.

Checking out the NRVT may very well be the activity Wiltonians are looking for Post-New Year resolutions and to walk off holiday indulgences. A welcome respite from jammed parking lots and crowded stores, hikers will be amazed at how quickly the sounds of Route 7 disappear and a Thoreau-like ambience takes over. Given fluctuating temperatures and possible snow cover, grab your boots before you head out! And please be aware, that the “No Trespassing” sign on Gaylord Drive South applies to vehicles only.DSCN6341

If you are interested in more information or supporting the Norwalk River Valley Trail, please visit the NRVT website, Facebook, or Twitter pages.  

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